Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Do you think what people say on social media should be a reason to get kicked off of extra curricular activities, because I do. I feel this way because if people aren’t responsible enough to know what’s right and wrong to post, then they aren’t responsible enough to have the privilege to play sports or be in a club. What I mean by this is people need to learn to be responsible in all kinds of ways. I also think this because if people are being rude, mean, or inappropriate on social media, then, they probably also act that way at games, practices, or meetings for their extra curricular activities. What I mean by this is if someone is making fun of someone for something on social media, then they probably are mean to that person, or others during their extra curricular activities. My final reason why I feel this way, is what people post on social media everyone can see, and it could hurt others feelings and be offensive. In an article by Michael Gonchar, he quoted what Christine Rubino wrote and posted on Facebook after on  a field trip where a sixth grader drowned in the ocean. This is what she said,”After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5th graders? I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn! If I were one of those fifth graders, or someone who knows them, I would take that very personal and offensive. She also probably didn’t know that everyone would see that, and it could be shown on the news. I DO NOT mean that if someone says something that someone might take “offensive” that they should be kicked off, it should be something that most people think is offensive to get kicked off. These are three reasons why I feel that if someone posts something bad on social media, that they should get kicked off of extra curricular activities.

One Place I’ve Been is…

One really cool place I’ve been to is Honduras. I went to Honduras as a stop on a cruise I went on over spring break in 3rd grade. When I was there I went on a tour in a jungle where I fed baby spider monkeys and learned lots about them. On the drive there, I saw lots of different parts of Honduras. When we were there I also went cave tubing. Cave tubing is where you go in an a blowup tube and float around inside of a cave.

Another really cool place I’ve been to is Cancun. Cancun is a city in Mexico. I stayed there for five days. One cool thing I did there is swim with dolphins, manatees, and sea lions.  I went to a place called Dolphin Discovery on an island. There they blocked off some of the water around it and ten put dolphins in one are, sea lions in one, and manatees in another. They took lots of super col pictures us interacting with the dolphins.

The next fun place I go to a lot is Lake Cumberland. I go here a lot during the summer because my grandpa owns two houses there and a boat. My parents own a boat too. Most of my other family members such as my cousins, aunts, and uncles come down there a lot too.Sometimes my neighbors even come. I love to go tubing, on boat rides, and I love to swim.


Honduras Info  Honduras Info

Roatan,Honduras by James Willamor @flickr

My Progress on the 20% Project

Hey guys, I’m back, and today I’m going to be talking about my 20% project again.

A major accomplishment that Elizabeth and I have made is having our mentor that she can definitely be our mentor. The reason we didn’t know this sooner is because when I sent the e-mail the first time, I typed in the wrong address. I am so excited that I know who my mentor is.

For December I would like to have my posters and sign-up sheets made, and have an idea of when I’m going to go to the nursing home. I am going to achieve these be working hard.

emoji by Julia Eriksson @flickr


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hey guys I’m back, and today I’m going to be talking about my plans for Christmas, why I love Christmas, and traditions that my family and I do on Christmas and around Christmas time. Around Christmas time this year I am going to my grandpas house a few weeks before Christmas to see him. Also around that time I will go to my other grandpas house with all of my cousins on that side of the family to eat dinner and give each other gifts. We also do a secret santa that just the grandkids do. Then I always do a family Christmas party with all of my mom’s family where we give each other gifts. Then on Christmas eve I go to church then to my mom’s friend’s house with a bunch of other people that we are friends with and family. I also get to open one present on Christmas eve. Once it’s Christmas day I will open all of my presents then at 11 am I will get on a plane and fly to Florida. There I stay in a house with most of my 1st cousins. Then I will fly back home on the third or the forth.

    Now I will be telling you about my family’s traditions. Ever year on new year’s eve we do what I already talked about. We also always have a family Christmas party before Christmas. We usually go to my grandpa’s house on Christmas, but we won’t be this year because he’s leaving for Florida before Christmas. Starting once I was in third grade, when my grandma died, we have always gone on a vacation somewhere and left either on Christmas day or after Christmas.

      Finally, I will be talking about why I love Christmas so much. First of all I love how every house in my neighborhood puts up lights and/or decorations outside. I also love how my house looks inside with the trees up. Sometimes Christmas is the only time I get to see some of my family and friends. Also who doesn’t love presents?




X-mas Info   X-mas Info



piece hall by night    by: Craig Chew-Moulding @flickr

The Golden Project

Hey guys, today I will be telling you more about my 20% project, The Golden Project. In my project, I will be going to a nursing home and play and teaching games with the residents there.

For my project I feel nervous, excited, and anxious. I feel nervous because I don’t know what nursing home we are doing this project at yet, when the exact dates that we will be going on, and what exact times we will be going on. So I still need to finalize some things. I feel excited because, I think that this project will be lots of fun and I have a great partner, Elizabeth. Most of all I feel anxious. I feel this way because I’m ready to meet my mentor, I want to get my project started, and I really want to see what the nursing home is like.

My major goals are to start this project in January, to meet my mentor in January, and to make posters starting in December.

See my  Visual Aide  for more information.

If I Ran my School…

 School by Justine Warrington @flickr

Teacher by val_godel @flickr

Hey guys, I’m back and today I’m going to be telling you about how much school has changed over the past years. One smaller thing that I have noticed is that at first teachers had chalkboards/blackboards, then dry-erase boards/white boards, and now Smartboards. If you don’t know what a Smartboard is, it’s  basically just a touch screen board. A gigantic change is also that in the past books used to be the only thing to learn from. Now in many classrooms, kids watch videos online, look up things on the internet for projects, and read articles that are online. One more recent change that I have observed, well at my school at least is that the grading scale has changes. It used to be that 100%-94% was an A, 93%-89% was a B, 88%-81% was a C, 80%-76% was a D,and  75% and under was an F. Now it’s 100%-90% is an A, 89%-80% is a B, 79%-70% is a C, and 69% and under is an I. If you don’t know what I stands for, it stands for incomplete. I have hyperlinked the sites that I used to help find some of this information: How school has changed technology info      How school has changed info

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rule your school? Well I have and I think that it would be really fun. So today I’m going to be telling you about what I would do if I were the principal at my school. The fist thing that I would do is change the dress code. I would change this by letting kids wear shorts that were finger tip length. They could also wear tank tops. I would also let kids wear shoes without backs. The final way I would change the dress code is by letting kids wear hats. They reason I would do this is because a great way to express yourself is by what you wear. Another thing that I would change is making locker breaks longer so that if someone has to go to the bathroom they can during that time. The reason behind this is because some teachers won’t let their students use the bathroom at all, and it would also make less interruptions during class. This way kids can focus and the teacher won’t have to stop what they are doing when a student asks them if they can use the restroom.



My 20% Project

Photo Series: Family Photos: "Reading together" Ken Whytock via Compfight

Hey guys I’m back and today I’m going to b telling you about the 20% Project that my friend Elizabeth an I are doing.This is the URL to her blog so you can check it out:Elizabeth. Our project is called the Golden Project.

We are going to a nursing home and play/teaching games to the residents. The first time we go we will play board games, then card games, etc. We will probably go around 3 times. We have emailed people asking for them to be our mentor but hey haven’t replied yet. We will visit which ever nursing home they work at.

We want to put up sign-up sheets and advertisement that we will be coming up at the nursing home. We will make a new one each month. Then a few weeks later we will drive out to the nursing home and do our project. By the end of our project we would like to have helped 30 people. Thanks and bye!


My story

Activity 3

beach | by anda (:

Hawaii Beach with a Palm Tree @flickr
It was a hot, sunny summer day on the island  of Hawaii. The weather was perfect and the water was calm, or so everyone thought. Since it was so nice, a girl named Rachel and her family were at the beach. Before they came to Hawaii, Rachel’s brother tried to scare her by telling her that there were lots of sharks in the water that they were going to swim in. Once they got to the beach Rachel’s brother, Adam, jumped right in the water. A few minutes later I heard a terrible scream, then I looked in the water to see…

Finish my story in which ever way you like.



Autumn Must Be Here

Activity 1: Giving Credit where it’s Due

Hey everyone, today I will be telling you about how to give credit to a picture, song, quote, etc. when you use it so that you are not plagiarizing someone’s work. This is so important because if you don’t give someone credit for their work they will probably get angry and possibly sew you. When you are using something that credit needs to be given to you want to make sure you site the URL that you copied it from, or use the copyright sign. Copyright is the legal right given to some one who writes a song or something like that. This is helpful because this way you won’t get in trouble if you do want to use someone’s song, picture, quote, etc. I am pretty confident about using this method to give credit where it’s due.

Activity 2: My Autumn Poem

Walking down a winding trail,

the moon is slowly fading.

Woods full of color,

yellow, orange, and brown.

Path led deep into the woods,

I wonder what’s next.

Walking down a winding trail,

autumn must be here.




Comment Challenge

This is a great post, but I was wondering where you play volleyball. Also my favorite position is the same as yours. One way you could make this post better is by including some of the other positions that can be played in volleyball.

I chose to read her blog because I saw that it said volleyball and I play volleyball and I saw  a picture of a girl hitting a volleyball. I relate to this author because I play volleyball, I like volleyball, and we have the same favorite position. I left the comment I left because I want to know where she plays volleyball because I might play against her in the future. I told her one way she could improve her blog because I always want to know how to make my blog’s better.