My Mini Me

My avatar looks just like me! First of all my hair is blonde and wavy like my avatar. My avatar has a big smile on her face and I’m almost always happy. I have big blue eyes too. My avatar’s shirt is purple with a yellow sunflower on it. I love the colors purple and yellow. I love flowers too because it makes me think of my favorite time of the year, the spring. There’s a blue background too, it looks kind of like water. I love the lake, ocean, and pool. This is why my avatar is my mini your wild self

One thought on “My Mini Me

  1. I love the color purple too, but more specifically lavender. Oceans, lakes, and more sound really fun to me too. Even just the sight is satisfying. Also, I think blonde, wavy hair is very pretty. Can’t wait for you to comment on my post!

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